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You are looking at live video of the Seneca Falls Canal Harbor

About the Seneca Falls Canal Harbor Cam:
To the right you will see the historic
Seneca Knitting Mill. To the left you will see downtown Seneca Falls. The camera faces east providing spectacular views at sunrise. The camera itself is mounted on the Bridge St. bridge which is said to be the inspiration for the bridge that George Bailey jumped off to save Clarence in Frank Capra's holiday classic, "It's A Wonderful Life".
Viewing Tips:
- If you move your cursor over the video image and right click on the logo that pops up camera controls will pop-up. Use the controls to increase the brightness of the live feed if you are viewing the cams at night.
- If you are not seeing the
live image the cam may be offline, there may be more than 10 users viewing the cam, or you may not have a java-enabled browser.

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